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Frank Smith

Frank Smith is a Seoul-based multi-media journalist. He is the Seoul correspondent for Radio Television Hong Kong, offering news analysis concerning the Korean Peninsula for their live news bulletins. Mr. Smith is also an adjunct lecturer in journalism in the Division of Media Studies at Ewha Womans University. Frank has been working in journalism in South Korea for several years, beginning with The Korea Herald, editing news stories, proofreading, writing headlines, and contributing occasional photos and features. For four years he was the South Korea correspondent and bureau chief for Press TV, Iran’s English language news network. For two years Mr. Smith was a regular reporter for Arirang Radio’s prime time evening news program Riding Home and has also appeared as a guest on Seoul radio stations EBS and Tbs eFM. Frank has also performed multi-media journalism work for Agence France Presse, Al Jazeera and other news organizations. Mr. Smith has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Political Science from Simon Fraser University in Canada, and is scheduled to complete a Master’s degree in International Studies majoring in Peace and Security at Korea University in 2014.



Kim Kyoung-ho

Kim Kyoung-ho is a multi-media producer and photographer. Kyoung-ho was the photographer for the Seoul National Museum for 2010, producing an image catalogue of the exhibits. As the technical support manager for the Korean Academy of Film Arts from 2006-2008, Kyoung-ho designed and managed the digital work-flow of projects and archive system. He has a master’s degree in photography from Myung-ji University and his still photographs have been displayed at multiple one–man shows and group exhibits throughout Seoul.


Video Manager

Shin Sung-han

Shin Sung-han is a freelance camera operator working mostly with CNN and based in Seoul. He also produces video material for CBS News and PBS of the United States as well as the Australian national broadcaster ABC. Sung-han is well-versed in all aspects full HD ENG camera operation, digital video file management, final cut pro video editing, DSLR photography and videography, and lighting for broadcast production.


Luke Butcher

Luke Butcher is a Seoul-based freelance journalist. Mr. Butcher has an undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relation s from Aston University, England. He is currently taking a Master’s degree in International Studies majoring in Peace and Security at Korea University, which he is scheduled to complete at the end of 2014.