Korea News Online will seek to satisfy the need for an English language news website in South Korea that produces multi-media content specifically designed for the internet; a website that takes full advantage of the various technologies that make online journalism superior to newsprint, radio and television.

Initially the site will offer a few reports on a limited number of topics each month. Perhaps one could call it a webzine. Our reports will share references using links to allow our visitors to evaluate our sources and gain greater insight. We hope the scope and frequency of reporting can expand, and that the site can become a viable and sustainable source of independent and objective news.

Korea News Online’s format will be a product of evolution. Initially we plan to offer short two-minute video summaries of reports, with text versions providing greater detail. Over time more elements will be developed, such as daily news updates, feature interviews, and short documentaries with in-depth reports.

Every effort will be made to produce quality content; stories that inform and seek out truth.

Korea News Online is an experiment in journalism within a news media environment struggling to find sustainability in an era of intense transformation. This transformation also involves you, the news consumer. Take advantage of the ability to participate in our production of the news. Tell us where we went wrong and how to get it right. Help out. Read. Watch. And pitch in.